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Mar 12, 2019
Julie Karlitz, the CEO of strap-its wanted to provide a way to keep teen girls fashionable without constantly exposing their bra straps. So the company creates a variety of fashionable straps that can be added to different outfits or tops. Learn more abou…
Dec 22, 2018
Yolandra Rodgers is the founder and owner of Tippy Tot Shoes.  It took several years to find a designer and manufacturer then to gain a customer-base on her way to discovering the success she has selling hard-bottomed baby shoes through her home…
Dec 15, 2018
My Short Journey to Personal Discovery What is it that drives me? On this morning I was sitting browsing through my weekly posts and things and I got a message from an artist that just joined my network and well I let him know that his track made our play…
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