What Drives Me?

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My Short Journey to Personal Discovery

What is it that drives me?

On this morning I was sitting browsing through my weekly posts and things and I got a message from an artist that just joined my network and well I let him know that his track made our playlist and shared the link and so forth. Now, as I reflected on…he thanked me and then ask me what do I do? I tried to list what I do and then the question crossed my mind, what is it that drives me?

The Passion

I concluded in my mind, that I am driven by my own passion to assist others. In this case, it’s about showing support, promoting, my own work and other artists music is making me feel accomplished.  Yesterday, I sat and listened to the selections that made the playlists, I’m feeling good about it! If only I could get the artists themselves to listen and share…that would be awesome!

Speaking my Language

Anyhow! I realized that my passion is to serve others and right now, it’s about the music…the mental escape that it brings, is like an out-of-body experience. Music is truly the universal language. SMH!

Share your thoughts on my short journey to discovery, and share your own in the comments below.

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